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Global-scale solutions built on data intelligence at speed to combat cyber threats, provide full network visibility and give your business the edge it deserves.

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Enterprise Networks

Investigate and retain data in one environment with our software solution


Monitor malicious activity across mobile networks with the TDAC Platform

Internet Service Providers

ISP Networking Suite for modern monitoring


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24/7 UK Threat Hunting Service

Our 24/7 threat hunting service offers round-the-clock network security monitoring, threat detection, and intrusion alerting. Our team of highly skilled analysts are based in the UK and will continuously monitor your network, alerting security teams to the activity to enable a quick response.

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Telecoms Security Act - our solutions meet regulatory compliance

Big changes are coming to UK mobile regulations which will impact digital environments across the country. Monitoring networks has never been more important, both across the IP and the signalling environments. It’s time to fully protect your network, its users and their all-important data.

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