Alert Probe

Full Network Visibility to Detect & Alert on Indicators of Compromise with Telesoft’s Alert Probe

Protect your Network with Unsampled Threat Detection

Alert Probe ingests and enriches network traffic entirely unsampled. Real-time alert records are created when a potential threat or anomaly is detected across any network session for use in cyber, NPMD and compliance monitoring.

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Encrypted Traffic Analysis

80% of the world’s internet traffic is now being encrypted, making it harder to detect malicious network threats.

Alert Probe utilises JA3/JA3S Fingerprinting, providing encrypted traffic analysis without the need to decrypt TLS/SSL traffic or access the decrypted packet payload.

Alert Probe generates hashes from the initialisation packets of TLS, SSL, and SSH flows.

Full Network Visibility

Gain greater visibility into your network. Front-end layer 7 enrichment is utilised in detecting anomalies across network activity, including BGP, SSL, DNS, SIP, HTTP Host and HTTP URI information.


Use Cases

Rising Data Rates

Telesoft’s Alert Probe can continuously monitor up to 25Gbps of line-rate data per virtualised appliance and 400Gbps per 1U hardware appliance. The Alert Probe's comprehensive data processing and threat detection capabilities ensure cyber attacks can be accurately detected in high-rate environments


Deployment Complexity

Telesoft’s Alert Probe is a lightweight, virtualised appliance which can be seamlessly integrated with third-party systems, requiring minimal resource to perform it’s monitoring and threat detection capabilities. Similarly, the hardware model boasts 400Gbps within a 1U appliance.


Alert Fatigue

Alert Probe provides intelligence that is both manageable and actionable. The probe analyses monitored traffic against integrated threat intelligence feeds before alerting the user. Assets can be grouped by IP into entity sets; activity targeting assets within the same entity set over a similar timeframe will be aggregated when alerted on, streamlining remediation, and enhancing detection capabilities.

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