PCB Assembly

Fast Prototype Electronic PCB Assembly in the UK

Telesoft are a UK-based electronics and engineering company with an established arm in PCB Assembly.

Having experienced the pain points with outsourcing PCB assembly to over-utilised suppliers, Telesoft can provide a specialised service which prioritises customer requirements and key objectives.

Utilising our state-of-the-art in-house SMT line, and experienced team, we quickly and efficiently transform your designs into fully assembled products.

manufacturing suite

Our Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping

We inspect your data and advise of potential problems prior to build, helping you get your design to market faster.

Fast Small Batch Turnaround

We guarantee uninterrupted line time, delivering your prototypes and small batch runs within days.

Surface Mount Assembly

Our multi-function pick and place machine is extremely flexible, can place 12550 components per hour, and deals with component package sizes ranging from 01005 to 99mm² and PCB panels of 60mm² up to 1610x460mm

Through Hole Assembly

We offer Through Hole PCB assembly by our IPC certified team.


All processed boards undergo visual inspection in line with pre-specified IPC class. Optional X-Ray analysis is available to verify more complex joints.


Our IPC-A-610/7211/7721 certified technicians will carry out all aspects of rework, including modification schedules and BGA replacement.


Telesoft's Pb-free SMT line is hosted in Blandford Forum, Dorset, equipped with solder paste screen printer, iineo1 pick & place machine, TSM reflow oven & X-ray machine.

Our facilities are located within a secured site, certified to ISO9001, ISO27001, & Cyber Essentials. We have an experienced IPC certified team; our lead SMT engineer has over 14 years’ experience in most major electronics sectors.


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