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Validate Network Infrastructure Prior to Deployment...


Validate vCCAP infrastructure prior to deployment

Key Features:

  • Performance Testing: Generate high rate, stateful consumer and service provider traffic.
  • Capacity: Triton can simulate up to 100 R-PHY devices and 20,000 end-user cable modem devices.
  • Flexibility: Simulate any scenario from a single end-user to an entire subscriber base.
  • Assurance: Ensure that solution will operate as expected.

Assisting the transition to vCCAP

The VCCAP provides a virtualised modular alternative to the traditional CCAP architecture by deploying the cable modem termination system (CMTS) into the network edge. This transition will enable cable providers to reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenditure by moving to a virtual solution that promotes better efficiency and flexibility.

However, the main challenge facing this transition is the lack of ability to be able to test and validate vCCAP infrastructure prior to deployment. Operators need to be able to test the system against various scenarios in order to ensure reliability and performance.

Triton allows operators to simulate multiple scenarios prior to deployment, aiding the transition to vCCAP.

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