Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is the information available to an organisation to make informed decisions on the cyber threats that exist to their networks and systems. The cyber threat landscape is vast and is growing rapidly as we undergo a digital transformation, using larger and larger amounts of data and increasingly interconnected applications and devices. This volume of data means it is essential that threat intelligence solutions not only help security teams to identify threats in their network, but also simplify the raw data so that both strategic and tactical intelligence is available and informed decisions can be reached.

Our solutions help our customers to understand the types of threats they face and ensure they have the right threat intelligence available so that decision-makers can respond efficiently to an incident. The Telesoft Data Analytics Capability (TDAC) and TDAC 100 on-premise & cloud-based solutions can be used both during a cybersecurity incident to understand the cause and impact of a security issue, and post-incident to allow lessons to be learned from a data breach. Our Triton solution can also be used as part of your risk management assessment and intelligence cycle to understand the vulnerabilities that exist and help you to build your cyber resilience.

Telesoft’s range of threat management solutions provide clear cyber threat intelligence to our customers so they can respond confidently to emerging threats and learn from testing & post-breach analysis to improve their security posture.


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