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Granular network visibility at carrier scale provides the ultimate platform for defense

The TDAC Platform passively monitors, stores, and investigates network traffic for carrier level networks. Providing the ultimate granularity analysts need when investigating and triaging potential network threats. Utilising intelligent hardware and software capability the TDAC Platform complements analysts by arming them with the latest cutting edge technology.

Our Solutions for ISP


Carrier Scale Visibility

TDAC Platform provides full historical visibility, monitoring and storing of traffic in the form of flow records. Our intelligence further enriches the records, extending the context.

TDAC Platform

The Telesoft Data Analytics Capability Platform is the complete solution for full network visibility and threat detection at carrier scale.


Why Telesoft?

Unsampled Visibility

Telesoft probes support 400Gbps per appliance, extracting layer 6 and 7 telemetry and egresses unsampled Netflow V9 / IPFIX providing full layer 4 to 7 visibility.

Automated Threat Detection

Statistical analysis of network behaviour and historical baselining allows the TDAC to detect outliers from the normal and alert them without the need for large trained teams.

Telecommunication Visibility

The TDAC: Mobile Probe is an extension of our existing platform for IP networks. Utilised together, operators can ensure complete coverage of both their IP and mobile domains.