Complete visibility of your mobile network







Features of the Mobile Signalling Probe

Signalling Network Data

Extend your visibility in to the signalling network and gain additional benefit from detecting threats and anomalous activity, enabling networks to be made more secure.


The Telesoft Mobile Signalling Probe integrates directly with the TDAC Platform to enable complete Mobile and IP network coverage.

Threat Hunting

Enable analysts and threat hunters to conduct threat hunting operations across the signalling environment,identifying anomalous and malicious activity which has evaded detection by firewalls.

Protocols and Rules

The Mobile Signalling Probe supports key signalling protocols, including SS7, Diameter and GTP-C. It also utilises GSMA rulesets, such as FS.11, FS.19 and FS.21 to help identify malicious activity at the earliest opportunity.

Comprehensive Coverage

Monitor and analyse network activity across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Used in conjunction with the FlowProbe, a single suite of products can provide visibility across both the mobile and internet domains.

Long Term Retention

Scalable data lakes enable long term retention of all of the metadata extracted from the network, retaining the data for in excess of one year. This enables cooperation with the governments mandated data retention requirements.


Telecommunications Security Act

The Mobile Signaling Probe has been designed with elements of government mandated legislation in mind, enabling operators to be sure that the solution provided will help to meet retention requirement guidelines, whilst also enabling analysts to identify anomalous activity and better protect their networks.

Securing Mobile Networks


Soon network operators will be faced with additional requirements surrounding monitoring, analysis, and data retention of communications on their network. The potential impact and requirements to be placed on network operators has been considered throughout the design of the Mobile Signalling Probe.