About Telesoft

Founded in 1989, Telesoft Technologies is an independent global provider of Cyber Security and Government Infrastructure solutions and products. We develop, manufacture and support systems and applications that generate revenue and keep critical infrastructure secured and protected.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge technology that helps our customers stay one step ahead of their competitors, focusing on critical infrastructure protection, managed services and smarter data intelligence. We aim to drive growth and value in all the markets in which we work.

Our heritage

Experts in innovation, Telesoft Technologies has been nurturing talent to solve the most complex engineering challenges for over 30 years.

In 1994, Telesoft launched the OKEFORD Protocol Converter, an interconnect solution that is now deployed in over 20 countries and serves hundreds of millions of subscribers.

In 2014, Telesoft launched the world's first 2 x 100GbE packet processing solution on a single PCIe card, enabling ultra–high performance, low–footprint solutions to be deployed by operators, governments and OEMs.

In 2017, Telesoft launched the TDAC (Telesoft Data Analytics Capability) to protect large scale networks from today’s persistent and complex cyber threats.

All of our technology solutions and services work at scale, capable of meeting the needs of small/medium enterprises, large-scale utilities and even governments.

Our philosophy

Telesoft’s founder, entrepreneur and engineer Rob Downham, has a simple philosophy; mutual respect, freedom to create and diversity. So, we are not only diligent, but we listen to our customers’ needs. We meet our commitments and always operate with the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity. It’s one of the reasons why our cyber security solutions have been recognised by Gartner Inc.

Creating cutting edge technology isn’t easy but we haven’t met an engineer yet who doesn’t love a challenge. The Telesoft team is made up of only the most experienced, knowledgeable and brightest professionals from each industry in which we work, from cyber security and telecoms to government Infrastructure, all working collaboratively to create the technology of tomorrow, today.

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