penetration testing

Penetration Testing: Identifying high-rate vulnerabilities in your network to protect you from future threats

Penetration testing is an essential tool for analysing the security of your digital estate and identifying improvements to build your security posture. Penetration testing tools can help to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organisations network and web applications so that your security teams can improve the security of your network and systems.

Our Triton tool can help you to simulate high-volume and high-rate cyber-attack on your networks and test how your systems, network, and security teams hold up against a variety of tailored attack scenarios. Our bespoke services can help you to assess the security posture of your network and identify improvements that will help build cyber resilience and protect your organisation from future cyber-threats.

From social engineering to SQL injection, our solutions can help you to identify both physical and digital exploitable security and help you stay secure.

  • 92% Percentage of web applications with security flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited

  • 66% Proportion of IT execs whose organizations experienced application-layer DDoS attacks

  • 86% Percentage of tested applications with one or more session management vulnerabilities

  • • 16%: Percentage of security vulnerabilities in tested applications that are medium, high, or critical risk


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