Network Incident Response & Threat Management

  • 56% of organisations say that it is highly unlikely that they would be able to detect a sophisticated attack

  • 63% of organisations would take longer than an hour to detect an attack

  • 78% of organisations breached in the past year

It’s not a question of if but when your organisation will be the target of a cyber-attack. If faced with a cyber incident tomorrow would your network incident response team be ready? Reacting rapidly to a security event or cyber incident is essential for reducing the risk of reputational and financial damage to your organisation.

Our solutions help our customers to understand the types of threats they face and ensure their incident response teams have the threat intelligence to respond to an incident quickly. The Telesoft Data Analytics Capability (TDAC) and TDAC 100 on-premise & cloud-based solutions can be used both during a cybersecurity incident to understand the cause and impact of a security issue, and post-incident to allow lessons to be learned from a data breach.

In addition, our Triton solution can be easily deployed, used by penetration testers, digital forensic professionals and situational awareness experts across Red, Blue and Purple teams to plan, prepare, execute, identify and prove their organisation’s ability to detect malicious activity at each stage of an attack’s escalation. This testing helps to inform our customers risk management strategies and incident response planning, helping to ensure they protect themselves from future data breaches.

Telesofts range of threat management solutions helps incident response teams to react in real-time to an emerging threat and learn from testing & experience to ensure the risk of a security event resulting in a cybersecurity incident is minimised.


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