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Monitor and protect enterprise networks with the TDAC Platform


TDAC Enterprise

The TDAC Enterprise is a virtualised platform built up of intelligent software components that enables analysts to monitor, hunt, and prevent threats in real-time. Ultra fast deployment allows the TDAC Enterprise to get to work right away by ingesting raw network traffic and enriching it with the latest accurate data.

Our Solutions for Enterprise


Unsampled Network Visibility

Monitor network data to produce enriched, unsampled, real-time flow records of all communications passing through your digital estate. Gain full visibility over your entire network by utilising virtual, distributable sensors & probes.

24/7 Threat Hunting Service

24/7 Network monitoring, Threat detection & Intrusion alerting

Threat Hunting Service

Why Telesoft?

Virtual & Hardware Probes

In-house built virtual and hardware probes to enable complete coverage in all types of enterprise environments.

Ultra-fast Deployment

The TDAC Enterprise can be rapidly deployed into any enterprise environment. This software based solution can be easily accessed and integrated to start monitoring network traffic immediately.

Platform capability

Telesoft provides the complete suite of security tools and software to support true threat hunting, anomaly detection, and network visibility.