Optimised, high performance software based Media Platform.

Virtual OKEFORD product showcase


The vOkeford is an optimised, high perfomance software based Media Platform that allows simple migration of services from existing hardware based CAMEL/WIN/IN/AIN based systems to virtualised infrastructure.

Based on the widely deployed OKEFORD series of Telco-grade media servers that support over 150M subscribers making 200M calls a day, the vOKEFORD allows existing end of life hardware based media platforms to be replaced with NFV ready software running on standard datacenter infrastructure. The same service control interfaces, CAMEL, WIN, IN and AIN are provided allowing connection to the same existing SCP, with the minimal change of routing SS7 over SIGTRAN/IP.

Bearer channels are terminated on Telesoft’s field proven and widely deployed SIP or SIP-I and RTP, with multiple codec support for G.711, G.729 or AMR, allowing rapid migration of existing services to NFV and IP infrastructure with little disruption to subscriber service and hence revenue. Scalable in intervals of up to 2000 channels per 12 cores/24 threads in a virtualised environment allows the vOKEFORD to meet your migration needs in the most cost efficient way.

GSM Pre-Paid

CAMEL-IN for 3G GSM pre-paid (account management, top-up, pre-call and mid-call announcements)

CDMA Pre-Paid

WIN for CDMA mobile pre-paid (account management, top-up, pre-call and mid-call announcements)


SR-3511 for providing call screening, privacy and self-service applications


Fully Capitalise on NFV Benefits

Eliminate the Cost of Support for Legacy Hardware

Maintain Existing Revenue from Current Voice Services

Maintain Services on Legacy AIN Networks

Reach More Subscribers with Multiple Language Support



ARNE IVR runs your voiceXML and call control XML (CCXML) compliant applications

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