Prove and enhance your cyber security posture with our Cyber Warfare Simulation tool and our world-class SLA and advanced on-site/ off-site support

Future conflicts will be fought with a keyboard & screen and not with tanks, planes or bombs. Our Triton solution can be used to simulate cyber warfare for both blue team & red team scenarios, helping our customers to build their cyber resilience. The Triton is a comprehensive penetration testing tool that can help pen testers identify security vulnerabilities in your high-rate network traffic in real-time and improve your security posture. We can also offer penetration testing services to help you plan and deliver cyber warfare simulations.

The 400Gbps Triton can replicate any attack, from low and slow password spraying and high rate high capacity DDoS to AI poisoning, if you have a PCAP of the cyber attack, this appliance can play it if you don’t have a PCAP of the attack the Triton can directly produce traffic based on a traffic profile, at volume aimed at the target or system or teams under test.

Red Team

The 400Gbps Triton CWS can simulate any form of attack using threat intelligence generated from real-life threats and honeypots in strategic locations across the globe.

Directly generate traffic based upon any given traffic profile at volume and directed at the system you are targeting.

A unique and powerful CWS tool providing the ability to widen attack surface areas or attack with precision against multiple vectors.

400Gbps Triton CWS  – truly compromise your target.

Blue Team

The ultimate challenge for SOC and IR teams, the 400Gbps Triton CWS will test the network and infrastructure at high rate with multiple attack vectors.

Overcome entropy through the integration of direct traffic and source/ destination IP randomisation.

Adapt the threat profile to incorporate single incidents among the noise of high rate DDoS attacks to identify and hone your teams’ capability.

400Gbps Triton CWS– can your team stand up to the test?


Triton CWS Dashboard


triton cyber warfare simulation

Triton CWS Dashboard with T-REX GUI Integration

The Triton can help you to identify security weaknesses & stress test your network so that you can build up your cyber resilience to the growing threat landscape.

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  • 5G Network Infrastructure

  • DPI - Deep Packet Inspection

  • NAT - Network Address Translation

  • Firewall/IDS - Intrusion Detection Systems

  • IPS - Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancers

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