Cyber Protection for Education

An increasing number of schools and colleges are being seriously impacted by cyber incidents. Senior leaders and governors need to be aware that cyber security is an important management and governance issue. Poor cyber hygiene can affect a school’s ability to function, its reputation and its legal obligations to keep its pupils, staff, and parents’ personal data safe.

Schools and other Educational Institutions rely heavily on IT and online services to function.

They hold large amounts of sensitive personal data on pupils, parents, and staff. All this needs to be kept safe and secure. We have experience with universities, colleges and schools and are well placed to understand the security challenges they face and how best to address them.

Our SOC and Cyber Security Services are built on 30+ years of industry expertise supported by our own state of the art cyber products utilised by Governments and Telecommunications providers worldwide.

Let Telesoft help with your Cyber Challenges.

MDR for Schools

Complete Visibility - Monitored 24/7

Our Managed Threat Detection and Response for Schools service provides complete network visibility across On-Premise IT and Cloud Hosted applications with 24/7 human-led threat hunting, compromise assessment, rapid alerting and threat containment.

Key Features:
  • UK Based Security Operations Center
  • 24/7 Human-Led Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment
  • Rapid Alerting, Threat Containment & Remediation
  • Experienced, Vetted Cyber Analysts
  • Enhanced protection against Phishing/Fraudulent Emails, Ransomware and Malware, Service Affecting Attacks (DDoS), Suspicious Activity, Data Exfiltration, Information Leaks and more.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Discover Your Weaknesses before your adversaries do

The cyber-threats faced by schools and other educational institutions are constantly evolving and with bespoke applications, multiple networks, and potentially thousands of endpoints, it is inevitable that vulnerabilities are present.

Our Fully Managed Continuous Vulnerability Assessment service helps you identify, classify, and address security risks, identify weaknesses and provide ongoing support and guidance to best mitigate them across both internal and external, public facing systems.

Our analysts threat hunt back-in-time using our TDAC Enterprise platform to identify IoA (Indicators of Attack) & IoC (Indicators of Compromise), network traffic & log data patterns relating to a discovered vulnerability to help identify if any hosts have already been affected.

Educational Programmes

Telesoft has a proven history in supporting local schools with their apprenticeship programmes and work experience placements.

To customers of our MDR for Schools service, we are extending that to provide additional educational support & resources to students undertaking Cyber Security related courses. Additionally, the schools have access to our Cyber Analysts during the year for talks, presentations and hands-on workshops using our cutting-edge technology.