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Managed Detection and Response

UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution for network monitoring, threat detection and active response.

What is Managed Detection and Response?

Telesoft’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solution is our suite of Cyber Security Services designed to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats that have evaded existing security controls. Manned by a team of highly skilled cyber analysts based in Telesoft’s UK based Security Operations Centre (SOC) - this invaluable service continuously monitors your organisation’s network - 24/7/365 days a year.

24/7 Human-Led Threat Hunting

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Alerting & Active Response

User Education & Awareness Training

Recovery & Remediation Assistance

Cyber Security Assessment

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24/7 Threat Monitoring for Cloud Environments

UK-based Security Operations Centre for threat detection & active response, including MS 365, Amazon AWS, Google.

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Why Telesoft?


Working alongside your team, our experienced cyber analysts work around the clock actively hunting for threats.


Trusted by governments and large ISPs Telesoft's cyber product suite has been re-engineered for the enterprise market.


Combining OSINT with anonymised data gleaned from our entire range of cyber products deployed worldwide we are able to offer unrivalled insight.

Complete Solution

Our TDAC Enterprise platform is the ultimate cyber security solution to gain full network visibility of an enterprise network.

We don't follow the sun

Our UK based SOC is manned 24/7 from our state of the art facility.

90 day on-premise data retention

Your data is valuable and should never leave your corporate network. Our solution includes a 1U storage appliance; we don't export your data to the cloud.

Our Cyber Security Services

24/7 Human-Led Threat Hunting

Our trained cyber analysts are actively hunting for threats in your network all day, every day.

Alert & Active Response

In critical situations, Telesoft’s cyber team will actively defend your network from an attack, including isolating suspicious servers and restricting rogue users.

Recovery & Remediation Assistance

Every active case will be escalated to your internal teams with advice on how to remediate the threat and help prevent future breaches.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Telesoft can identify, analyse and assess vulnerabilities across your entire network.

User Education & Awareness Training

Reduce the risk of insider threats by ensuring your employees have the knowledge to spot and react to potential attacks.

Cyber Security Assessment

Our comprehensive Cyber Security Assessment will give you detailed insight of the specific vulnerabilities your organisation is exposed to.

How does Telesoft’s MDR Work?

Our MDR solution removes the burden on in-house IT and Security teams. We take responsibility for monitoring your network, detecting threats and responding appropriately.

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Our TDAC Enterprise toolset can be deployed within your network quickly and easily, with minimal impact on your infrastructure. Comprising highly efficient sensors and probes it can ingest unsampled network telemetry and log data from both on-premise and cloud-hosted devices and applications and store this data on your premises for up to 90 days.

Our Technology

TDAC Enterprise is the all-in-one solution that enables analysts to experience full visibility at network, device and application levels. TDAC Enterprise gets to work right away by ingesting raw network traffic and log data from devices/applications both on-premise and cloud hosted.

The TDAC Enterprise minimises time spent on deployment and maximises network detection and protection capability, extending visibility for IT & Security teams.

Multi Source Data Ingest

Our service includes the ingest of Network Telemetry, Endpoint, Operating System/ Application logs and Cloud logs including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Platform.

Detection of Known Threats

We detect known threats based on IP and domain reputation, signatures and Indicators of Compromise (IoC)

Detection of Unknown and Zero-Day Threats

Utilising machine-learning, behavioural analytics and historical baselining our SOC analysts can investigate suspicious behaviour which could indicate an attack.

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Customer Case Studies

Case Study: Leisure

Telesoft were onboarded following an audit which highlighted inadequate cyber monitoring capability at a large leisure company within the UK. Telesoft's flexible sensors and deployment options were ideally suited for the complex network infrastructure hosted on-premises, in data centres and in the cloud. Telesoft's 24/7 MDR has identified a number of security issues in the network and assisted with remediation of out-of-date legacy configurations, unexpected application level communications and traffic destined to servers in hostile countries and the dark web.

Case Study: Technology

Following a network breach, Telesoft were contacted to assist with forensic investigation and advice for improving the security posture of a technology supply company that was victim of a phishing attack. As part of the 24/7 MDR now established in the customer network, Telesoft collect Microsoft 365 logs and Windows Active Directory logs to actively monitor for signs of breach, including suspicious emails, password resets, failed login attempts and logins from unexpected geo locations.

Case Study: Hospitality

Like many companies in the industry, a regional supplier within the hospitality sector identified the problems that lack of resource brings. With a small internal IT Team, the organisation recognised that the monitoring of network traffic and security logs was only performed periodically and during business hours. With the ever changing threat landscape, and the risk of a cyber-attack happening at any time, Telesoft was approached to provide complete visibility and round the clock surveillance of the company's network assets. Outsourcing this critical task enabled the company to keep resourcing costs down, whilst ensuring their network is protected by highly trained experts 24/7/365.

Press Release

Telesoft Announces a 24/7 UK Based Managed Detection and Response Solution

Telesoft announces its latest state-of-the-art security offering - a 24/7, UK-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.


Managed Cyber Security Services

Telesoft’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solution is our suite of Cyber Security Services designed to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats that have evaded existing security controls.

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