Microsoft 365 Monitoring Service

Gain peace of mind with our Microsoft 365 Monitoring Service

24/7 Bespoke Cyber Service

Staffed by our team of cyber security experts, our UK SOC leverages advanced analytics and threat intelligence to analyse your Microsoft 365 data including Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more. We look for anomalies and early indicators of compromise so we can notify you at the first sign of a possible breach.

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Why Choose our Microsoft 365 Monitoring Service?

Our cyber security specialists will notify you of potential issues and work with your team to investigate and remediate threats. We also provide recommendations on improving Microsoft 365 security and compliance. Achieve peace of mind by knowing your Microsoft 365 environment is being safeguarded 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about our SOC service or request a free trial. Our team is ready to partner with you to strengthen your security posture against today's (and tomorrow's) cyber threats.

24/7 Visibility Across Teams, SharePoint, Email & More

Detect Suspicious Logins

Identify Unauthorised Privilege Escalation

Identify When Users Have Disabled Multi-Factor Authentication

Same-Day Onboarding

Compliance Reinforcement

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Why Monitor your Microsoft 365 Environment?

In today's digital world, businesses rely heavily on cloud services like Microsoft 365 to communicate, collaborate, and store sensitive data. While Microsoft 365 offers robust security, threats are constantly evolving and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. This makes 24/7 monitoring and early detection critical.

Our UK SOC (Security Operations Center) service provides exactly that - continuous security monitoring of your Microsoft 365 environment to identify potential threats before they cause harm.

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Are you Detecting Suspicious Logins?

Successful logins from legitimate users are often overlooked - but are they capable of logging in from two different countries at once?

Time travel logins are typically impossible events, indicating a potential security breach or system vulnerability.

Our team can quickly identify anomalies such as impossible events and prevent a potential compromise.

Identify Unauthorised Privilege Escalation

Once an intruder has a foothold in your environment, they will move quickly to try and obtain additional privileges.

Elevated access gives an attacker more control over your organisations digital environment - meaning data is at serious risk.

Monitor and Detect lateral movement and privilege escalation attempts with Telesoft’s Microsoft 365 Monitoring service.

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