White Paper: Flowprobe TBPS Threat Visibility

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Network Security AttacksThere are many challenges faced when operating at CSP or internet backbone level. Traffic flowing across key data routes is vast and complex, so to ensure a consistent quality of service is being delivered to customers, comprehensive network visibility is required across the entire digital estate.

With home broadband speeds increasing, providing access to millions every day and enabling businesses to operate effectively through global interconnectivity, data rates on these networks continue to increase. And with the constant demand for smart and IoT devices, requirements for data will continue to increase.

Network Security Threats in Encrypted Traffic

Ensuring data is secure and protected has been a focus of information security. Protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) have been created and implemented on a global scale. Almost all web traffic is encrypted with TLS, and its latest version TLS v1.3.

However, whilst encryption in the TLS protocol is essential, it offers malicious actors the opportunity to hide behind the encryption, to instigate an attack.

JA3 Fingerprinting is an Essential Tool for Network Security

Most malicious traffic now uses encrypted communications to conduct attacks. Emotet and TickBot are known to utilise HTTPS, an encrypted version of HTTP, in an attempt to decrease the network visibility available to intrusion detection systems.

JA3 fingerprinting can make up for this loss, by supplying a TLS fingerprint to identify compromised devices, botnets and command & control activity.

Read the full white paper to learn more about how JA3 fingerprinting can identify and protect against malware and other threats, while maintaining privacy and integrity of network communications.

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