White Paper: CERNE IDS Backbone Threat Detection

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CERNE whitepaper Backbone Threat DetectionWith an ever increasing demand of IoT devices, there is an increasing opportunity for vulnerabilities to be exploited by malicious actors. Unbeknown to the owners of these devices, crawling scripts are developed and open source subscription platforms are utilised to compromise these newly connected devices.

This results in devices being incorporated into a ‘Botnet’, ready to be used by malicious actors.

What is a Botnet?

In short, a Botnet’ is a network of systems, machines and robots that have been infected by Malware. Whilst infected bots are unaffected in their regular day to day activities, making Botnet activity difficult to detect, they can be called up for malicious purposes, such as DDoS and cryptojacking.

Network Detection and Mitigation

Several techniques for Botnet detection have been developed, such as Telesoft’s signature based solution, the CERNE intrusion detection system. This hardware accelerated IDS uses real-time monitoring to analyse network packets for a match, based on predefined patterns (signatures) to identify Botnet activity on internet backbones and high rate networks.

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