Telesoft achieve full 1Tbps duplex line rate within 1U

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Following recent partnership with Intel, Telesoft’s Research and Development division have been exploring the latest Intel FPGA chips and CPUs.  Our new onsite manufacturing facility has enabled fast and efficient prototyping to accelerate new and advancing technology.

The latest PCIe Card in our range, the MPAC 6700 boasts 2 x QSFP-28 interfaces and 2 x QSFP-DD interfaces, providing full 1Tbps connectivity in a range of configurations.

Based on the Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGA, the card uses PAM4 modulation to support up to 56Gbps per transceiver, allowing each of the QSFP-DD interfaces to operate at 400Gbps. Agile and bespoke IP cores enable it to complete processing and data extraction at max packet rate and throughput.

Latest testing proves the hardware is capable of transmitting and receiving full line rate bit streams over 10 x 100Gbps connections for 24 hours without error.

This technology brings Telesoft one step closer to launching their 1Tbps Flow Probe, for unsampled data enrichment and NetFlow generation at up to 1Tbps within a single 1U COTS server.

In our latest video with Intel we explain how we utilise their hardware to develop the latest in cutting edge technology.

Intel Telecommunications Video

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