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Network Monitoring

FlowProbe provides complete network visibility with the world’s highest density IPFIX generator, providing enriched, unsampled, real-time flow records across all network sessions for use in cyber, performance, and compliance monitoring. - Up to 800Gbps Unsampled Monitoring per 1RU

- 14M Flows per second Ingest

- L2 – L7 Record Enrichment

- Encrypted Traffic Analysis

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Intrusion Detection

CERNE monitors and analyses up to 100Gbps of network traffic in real-time, performing line-rate signature matching to alert the user to malicious attack patterns that could indicate a security threat.

- 100Gbps Line-rate Monitoring per 1RU

- 1M User-Define Signatures

- Alerting & PCAP Recording

- 2.5 Second Back-in-time buffer for granular visibility

Data Storage and Analytics

TDAC ingests and intelligently stores comprehensive and unsampled flow data enhanced with the latest threat intelligence. It’s extensive analytics and querying capability supplies the complete toolset when supporting Incident Response, Digital Forensics, and Threat Hunting teams. - Petabyte+ Storage Capability - Intelligent Data Querying - Machine Learning & Statistical Analysis - Customisable Data Visualisations


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    From providing 24/7 human-led threat hunting with full network visibility to offering rapid turnaround on PCB Assembly, our passionate team of expert engineers and cyber analysts are dedicated to providing high quality products and services.



The complete network visibility, threat detection, and data retention solution

The Telesoft Data Analytics Capability (TDAC) Platform is the complete solution for full network visibility and threat detection at carrier scale. With experience of monitoring terabits of network data per second and petabyte storage, the TDAC Platform ingests and stores comprehensive and unsampled flow data enhanced with the latest threat intelligence.

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>10 Tbps

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Finance Probe

Prepare for ever-increasing data rates by investing in next-generation monitoring infrastructure. Finance FlowProbe provides unsampled, line-rate monitoring of all traffic traversing your network at up to 400Gbps. Flow analytics and Microburst Detection can be used to measure link capacity and overall network performance, minimising the risk of latency & packet loss, and ensuring high-quality service fulfilment continues to be met.

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UK-Led Engineering: Working toward 400GbE

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