Preparing for Cyber Warfare?

Is your organisation prepared for a cyber-attack? The cyber threat landscape is growing and many organisations are on the back foot. Whether your organisation is the target of the attack or caught in the cross-fire, building cyber resilience and understanding what you would do during in an incident is crucial for protecting the security of your assets and against financial loss. With estimates placing the annual value of cybercrime at approximately $1.5tn a year the consequences can be huge.

Thus, testing your organisations cyber resilience should be seen as an essential process in protecting your digital estate, and especially where the impact of a cyber-attack would have severe consequences.

Cyber warfare simulation tools can help your organisation to truly understand your ability to withstand a cyber-attack and identify areas of improvement to build resilience in your cyber operations. Tools such as the Triton can be easily deployed, used by penetration testers, digital forensic professionals and situational awareness experts across Red, Blue and Purple teams to plan, prepare, execute, identify and prove their organisation’s ability to detect malicious activity at each stage of an attack’s escalation.

Using realistic attack simulations our cyber warfare simulation solution will help you to identify areas of weakness and to identify how these gaps can be filled to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.


  • In the period 2009 to 2018 there was a 440% increase in global cyberwarfare attacks

  • As many as 64% of companies across the globe have experienced some sort of hacking attacks

  • 20% of global organizations consider cyber-espionage to be their number-one threat


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