TDAC 100: Virtual & Cloud Security

Our latest global threat intelligence solution

Orchestrated Threat Intelligence

The TDAC 100 is an on-premise software solution that provides actionable cyber intelligence, digital forensics and network visibility in near real-time across physical, virtual and hybrid infrastructure.

It protects global assets through the creation of an intelligence mesh connecting the whole network for full network visibility, enhanced threat and anomaly detection, event orchestration, deep investigations and mitigation capabilities.



  • Event orchestration - reduced alert fatigue

  • Accurate and enriched threat hunting

  • Readily deployable in physical, NFV or hybrid environments

  • Highly scalable cyber threat defence as a mesh across multiple sites

  • Discover and provision assets and infrastructure – from medium to massive scale intelligence products


The TDAC 100 enables network visibility across the entire estate and its physical, virtual and hybrid networks, connecting the core network to the edge and all IoT devices. It provides full and detailed cyber threat intelligence, whilst also showing a view on the network scale, reach and activity for enhanced business intelligence.


TDAC 100


Detect network threats and unusual behaviours and investigate with deep forensic incident analysis and threat hunting, whilst event orchestration reduces fatigue. Security and network events are stitched together for seamless forensic pivots with detailed incident alerting and event data.


TDAC 100


Understand the network threats and risks with the comprehensive network mapping providing intelligence and vulnerability assessment on the threat landscape including those targeting digital assets, infrastructure, services, customers and sites.


TDAC 100 Dashboard


The TDAC 100 merges business and cyber intelligence coupled with advanced support from Telesoft Technologies to enable the most effective response or mitigation plan.

The TDAC 100 free 30 day trial is coming soon.

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