Software based IVR

The vARNE IVR is a software based IVR that processes up to 2000 channels of SIP and RTP per 16 cores, allowing complete system optimisation and flexibility.

The Telesoft vARNE IVR is a software based optimised system specifically developed for telecom value-added services and enterprise/call-centre applications. Allowing operators, OEMs and system integrators to quickly deploy advanced interactive voice services in fixed, cellular and next-generation telecom networks.

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Scalable in intervals of up to 2000 channels per 16 cores in a virtualised environment allows the vARNE IVR to grow with your needs, minimising investment and maximising return. Multiple codec support enables the operator to manage the network bandwidth efficiently. Using Telesoft’s field-proven SIP and SIP-I interfaces to enable trouble-free integration of your applications to the network ensuring you get new services to market quickly.

Built using open standards, the vARNE IVR runs your voiceXML and call control XML (CCXML) compliant applications. Both are XML-based markup languages commonly used in IVR deployments, allowing fast development and modification of applications.


  • Virtualised Software Based IVR

  • Increase ARPU with Large-Scale VAS

  • Runs Multiple “Tenant” Services on a Single Instance

  • Automate Customer Care for Enhanced Subscriber Retention

  • Redirect Failed, Non-billable Call Attempts to Successful Completion

  • Enhance Customer Experience with CRBT

  • Reduce Power and Resourcing Expenditure

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