Software based protocol stack

TDAPI SIGTRAN is a software-based protocol stack providing SS7-based signalling protocols over next-generation IP networks.

With the growing diversity of networks it is important for equipment manufacturers to provide, and operators to have, solutions that allow them to connect to other external networks and at the same time meet certain performance criteria, i.e. availability and throughput. Telesoft Technologies’ signalling capability and solutions are key elements in achieving this and in providing reliable and flexible functionality.

SIGTRAN is a suite of protocols used to transport real-time signalling, e.g. SS7, over IP networks. It is controlled by the IETF which has produced a number of RFC guidelines which allow SS7 to be successfully used in IP environments.

User Applications

Telesoft’s high-performance TDAPI SIGTRAN stacks allow users to port signalling applications, built for SS7 networks, to IP with minimum effort. The stack supports the same layer 4 protocol stacks and APIs as the MPAC Telephony Boards, allowing simple re-configuration of existing applications. TDAPI SIGTRAN is a software-based solution that runs on standard servers and requires no specialised hardware.

New TDAPI users will find the API easy to use and ideal for rapid application development. The stack is based on M3UA, the most commonly used adaptation layer, and can be configured to work in application server mode, in signalling gateway mode, or IPSP mode. The stack is telco grade supporting high availability systems, either load-share or back-up override.

TDAPI-Sigtran infographic



  • Migrate TDM to IP Cost Effectively

  • Build your Own Voice Services & Mobile Infrastructure

  • Connect Applications to the Core Telephony Network

  • Create Firewalls & Gateways

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