TDAPI Migration Services

Kick-start migration from TDM to SIGTRAN with Telesoft

SS7 has been a key technology in mobile and fixed networks for over 40-years, enabling call routing, mobility, service execution and most importantly revenue generation. As the underlying connectivity in telco networks migrate from TDM and merge with IP, many SS7 revenue-generating services are left stranded.

The IETF SIGTRAN suite of protocols transport SS7 over IP networks and removes the need for dedicated specialist hardware, enabling applications with SS7 connectivity to be deployed as software only, and if required, on virtualised infrastructure.

Telesoft’s high-performance TDAPI SIGTRAN stacks allow users to port signalling applications, built for SS7 networks, to IP with minimum effort. The stack supports the same layer 4 protocol stacks and APIs as the MPAC Telephony Boards, allowing simple re-configuration of existing applications. TDAPI SIGTRAN is a software-based solution that runs on standard servers and requires no specialised hardware.

Telesoft offers a customised consultancy and training service that enables telecom engineers to jump-start the migration from existing applications to SIGTRAN/IP. This is ideal for users of specialist SS7 interface hardware from Telesoft (MPAC 1800, 2416, 5600, 32xx) or other SS7 hardware providers including Dialogic, Brooktrout and NMS. This has been especially successful for organisations who have redeployed their SS7 engineering team who require short term expertise to extend the life of their revenue generating service. Success has been demonstrated in:

  • Remove end of life custom hardware

    Remove end of life custom hardware from existing telco services and deploy in a virtualised data centre

  • Re-use existing telco service application software

    Re-use existing telco service application software with not changes to subscriber experience

  • Migrate TDM IVR services

    Migrate TDM IVR services to all software only without the need for additional gateways

  • Move messaging services

    Move messaging services (Welcome Roamer, MCA, Voice Mail Alert) from TDM SS7 to all software IP in a virtual environment.

The stack is based on M3UA, the most commonly used adaptation layer, and can be configured to work in application server mode, in signalling gateway mode, or IPSP mode. The stack is telco grade supporting high availability systems, either load-share or back-up override.



  • Accelerate Time to Market for New SIGTRAN/IP Services

  • Reduce CAPEX & OPEX

  • Remove Custom End of Life Hardware

  • Maintain Subscriber Experiance on Existing Services

  • Free up Engineering Resource for Other Tasks