TDAC Enterprise

Our latest global threat intelligence solution

Network visibility for enterprise

TDAC Enterprise is the all-in-one, virtualised software solution that enables analysts to experience full network visibility. TDAC Enterprise gets to work right away by ingesting raw network traffic and enriching it with the latest accurate data. The TDAC Enterprise minimises time spent on deployment and maximises network detection and protection capability, extending visibility for network providers from the edge to the core.


Performant software is no longer a luxury but a necessity to fight continuous disruption. Our TDAC Enterprise provides real-time full-stack network visibility.



  • Unsampled Network Visibility

  • Data Enrichment

  • Detect Unknown Threats with Machine Learning

  • Ultra-fast Deployment

  • Encrypted Traffic Monitoring


Monitor network data to produce unsampled, enhanced IPFIX records passing through your digital estate. Our virtualised solution can ingest your network data from around the globe, providing full visibility from a central location.



Utilising machine learning, behavioural analytics, and historical baselining, TDAC Enterprise monitors network activity and identifies anomalous flows. By alerting the user with full flow analysis in real-time, the TDAC Enterprise enables SOC teams to quickly assess suspicious behaviour for unknown threats and take the relevant actions.



TDAC Enterprise supports a multitude of user roles to enable tiered access to the vast data stored. Dashboards enable data to be visualised and enhanced querying allows users to create specific expressions to search the data for potential threats. With built in reporting and automated alerting, TDAC Enterprise ensures the user has active updates on the networks security posture.




TDAC Enterprise imports 3rd party feeds to provide several layers of data enrichment to the unsampled traffic flows, enabling enhanced network visibility and detection of malicious or suspicious events.


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