Delivers Telcograde throughput and scalability

The Okeford 5500 Media Platform hardware/software architecture delivers Telcograde throughput and scalability, deployed in four continents, supporting over 150M subscribers making 200M calls a day.

Telesoft OKEFORD media platform scales to 2,000 ports, with high density STM-1/OC-3 interconnect, occupying 5U in rack space, integrating with charging and service control infrastructure in AIN/IN, mobile GSM/CDMA 3G and 2G networks. Standard service control interfaces (IN, AIN, CAMEL) enable quick deployment and migration of services.

The small footprint minimises power consumption and maximises available real estate, reducing operational costs, enabling consolidation, and releasing equipment room space for other network infrastructure.

  • GSM pre-paid

    CAMEL-IN for 3G GSM pre-paid (account management, top-up, pre-call and mid-call announcements)

  • CDMA pre-paid

    WIN for CDMA mobile pre-paid (account management, top-up, pre-call and mid-call announcements)

  • AIN

    SR-3511 and GR-1129 for providing call screening, privacy and self-service applications


  • Normalise Services Over GSM & CDMA Networks

  • Small Foot Print Hardware; Reducing Rack Space, Power & OPEX

  • Maintain Services on Legacy AIN Networks

  • Reach More Subscribers with Multiple Language Support

Product Downloads

  • OKEFORD 5500 Media Platform Datasheet