MPAC 3250

Single lane, low-profile PCI Express form factor board

Single lane, low-profile PCI Express form factor board offering STM-1. 2 x E1/T1 and Gb Ethernet on a compact and efficient card.

The MPAC 3250 is an optical STM-1 low profile PCIe card designed to be deployed in COTS servers to consolidate existing rack space. In a 1U chassis it provides the means to deliver STM-1 with demultiplexing capability down to individual E1/T1 or timeslot level, if required.

The MPAC 3250 has STM-1 fibre connectivity together with two E1/T1 interfaces and a Gigabit Ethernet interface for converged IP networks providing feature support for signalling, media and monitoring applications as shown on the reverse. It supports both low and high-speed links (HDLC) and RTP or CESoPSN streaming to external applications. Providing a solution for media processing and monitoring applications that require a cost-effective, powerful and compact platform.

The MPAC 3250 is a platform to build telephony applications based on Fixed, Mobile and IP Network protocols and is supported by Telesoft’s standards-compliant TDAPI protocol stack software that covers a range of SS7, ISDN and IP telephony APIs (as detailed on the reverse). The MPAC 3250 PCIe is suitable for system integrators, OEMs, TEMs and application developers.


  • Generate Revenue from Extra Services on STM-1 Infrastructure

  • Eliminate the Need for Gateways

  • Reduce CAPEX & OPEX

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