TDAC: Digital Forensics For Traffic Analysis

Unlocks network visibility and threat identification

TDAC (Telesoft Data Analytics Capability) is a cost-effective, field-proven ultra-high-rate network traffic monitoring, analytics, and digital forensics platform hosted on-premise. TDAC ingests and analyses millions of events per second, including network flow data, IDS alerts and system logs, enhancing data with global threat intelligence (including IP reputation, threat classification, geo-location), partitioning and pre-analysing data for rapid sub-second query by Incident Response and Forensics teams.

Typically deployed on networks running at multiple 100Gbps, TDAC provides dashboards and query widgets for network performance visualisation and anomaly detection, a RestAPI interface for integration with other automated tools and a Kafka interface for third party streaming analytics tools.

Take a guided tour around the TDAC GUI

TDAC scales horizontally according to the resources allocated to it and can retain data for months across Peta-Byte storage. The TDAC UI and RestAPI incorporates features to accelerate turning this huge volume of raw data into actionable intelligence, including navigation by preset groupings (such as Application, Service, BotNet, CNI, business area etc.), enrichment with threat classification data, query path tracking (as ‘forensic pathways’) and continuous query analysis, giving sub-second query time.


  • Network Visibility

  • Cyber Security & Incident Response

  • NetFlow/IPFIX Analysis

  • Security Intelligence

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Data Centre Security

  • Large Scale Data Storage

  • Agile Management & Deployment

  • Success Story - TDAC Telecoms

  • Success Story - TDAC Retail

  • Technical Overview - TDAC Anomaly & DDoS Detection

  • TDAC Use Case


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