White Paper: Swimming with Sharks: The existential threat of a cyber attack

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Network Security Attacks

Recent corporate history provides plenty of examples of cyber attacks, targeting both private and public bodies.

There are many types of network attacks:

Distributed denial of services or DDoS attacks, which work through interfering with internet based services, rendering them unavailable.

Destruction of property, both physical and virtual.

Theft of proprietary data, intellectual property and sensitive financial and strategic information.

Business disruption, including ransomware attacks.

The Cost of a Cyber Breach

Generally, a cyber breach will compromise or impair confidentiality, availability and integrity of networks, communication systems and devices, as well as the infrastructure they control. Critically, network attacks also compromise data stored, analysed and distributed by these systems.

Unsurprisingly, the cost of a data breach is high. Businesses can quickly lose the trust of a market and their reputation.

Network Threat Protection

It is not only essential to understand who is responsible for these cyber attacks, but how to rapidly identify and contain security threats.

Currently, organisations are using a mixture of existing commercial and proprietary solutions. However, the rate and capacity of networking platforms have increased exponentially in the intervening years, while latency has decreased. This means existing tools struggle to scale and be fit for purpose in the current high-rate environment.

Under investment in cyber security by both private and public bodies leaves us all with a level of protection that is significantly below what we require as a society.

In this White Paper, Telesoft identifies the cyber sharks and explains how both public and private bodies can improve defences through network visibility software, network traffic monitoring tools and intrusion detection systems.

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