Network visibility for multi 100Gbps networks – Whitepaper

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The Rising Challenge of Network Visibility

Data throughput on network backbones and at the border of ultra-scale data centers is constantly rising, to well above the rate at which traditional cyber defence tools operate.

The option for any medium-sized carrier or ultra-scale datacenter owner is to purchase multiple low throughput branded cyber defence tools and additional monitoring infrastructure to load share traffic across each element.

But some users have found that the closed approach used by many vendors, preventing signatures and custom user configurations to be added by the user, is not flexible or agile enough to prevent breaches.

Increasing Network Visibility Capabilities In-House

It’s why many are now looking to build out their own infrastructure and knowledgeable cybersecurity teams, enabling scaling to significantly large data throughput, reducing OpEx, and providing agile reconfiguration by the internal team to quickly react to threats.

The ‘NETWORK VISIBILITY FOR MULTI 100GBPS NETWORKS’ whitepaper presents a solution to the problem of monitoring and protecting high volumes of data (up to 400Gbps in a 1U appliance) seen on the backbone of a typical carrier network. You can apply this by using off-the-shelf monitoring appliances provided by Telesoft, combined with integrated TDAC high rate, low latency collection, storage and analysis infrastructure.

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