Network visibility for multi 100Gbps networks

Telesoft Telesoft

There are a number of cybersecurity tools and techniques that are increasingly used by enterprises in
their Security Operations Centre (SOC) to protect their networks and data. In the SOC, the analyst(s) or
the ‘blue team’ work flow includes performing traffic and data flow analysis, accessing and analysing
event and log data, using a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) and garnering
threat intelligence information. However, equipment commonly available to run these tasks does not
scale well, or at all, to the volumes of data seen across a medium-sized carriers network or an ultra scale

This whitepaper presents a solution to the problem of monitoring and protecting high volumes of data
(up to 400Gbps in a 1U appliance) seen on the backbone of a typical carrier network, by using off-the shelf
monitoring appliances provided by Telesoft, combined with our integrated TDAC high rate, low
latency collection, storage and analysis infrastructure.

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