Infographic: The scale of network defence

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Visibility is Important for Any Network, From LAN to WAN

Networks come in different shapes and sizes and they require radically different methods to monitor and secure them. But whether you’re responsible for a small enterprise LAN or a multi-TBPS wide area network or data backbone, traffic ‘visibility’ remains crucial.

The first step is understanding the sheer SCALE of the problem, looking at the key threats networks face and how cyber security teams (where they are employed) can mitigate them. 

Visualising the scale of network defence

Our infographic shows the vast differences in network size, attacker appeal, the array of potential threats they may face and the recommended cyber defences. Small enterprise targets, for example, will typically face threats such as: targeted ransomware, rogue apps and phishing attacks. While massive Carrier WANs must guard against threats including: Advanced DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking/poisoning and BGP hijacking.

The scale of network defence determines the way you monitor and secure it

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The cyber defences networks should employ will vary depending on their size. Small enterprise networks should deploy defences such as (but not limited to) endpoint/email security, 2FA and storage/database encryption. EPNs should add SoC management and pen testing, while Carrier WANs should be relying on threat intelligence, real-time traffic monitoring and advanced Network Detection & Response.

See the infographic for the full list of potential threats your network might face and the cyber defences we recommend.

Download/view the full infographic

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