Telesoft 2021 Threat Intelligence Webinar

Telesoft Telesoft

On 21st April 2021, as we discussed and reviewed the cyber threat landscape and recent cyber attacks that have hit headlines in Q1.

With the start of 2021, many within the cyber security industry have been watching apprehensively to understand the potential fallout of recent cyber attacks and the changes to the cyber landscape they brought. This year, knowing your adversary has never been more important.

This threat intelligence webinar, presented by Robert FitzSimons, Product Manager of Telesoft, uses Telesoft’s quarterly cyber threat report as a basis for discussion about tactics, techniques, and procedures being used by adversaries in today’s cyber threat landscape.

The webinar will cover a range of topics including:

  • The evolving threat of ransomware and ransom demands
  • Increase of SMS phishing attacks
  • The latest activity from known Advanced Persistent Threat groups
  • The impact of zero day vulnerabilities across Microsoft Exchange Server

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Download your full copy of the Q1 Operational Threat Intelligence Report.

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