2021 Q1 Operational Threat Report

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Telesoft Q1 2021 Threat ReportExecutive Summary

‘As we waved goodbye to 2020 and embraced 2021 as the year where restrictions begin to be lifted and life can hope to embrace a ‘new normal’, many within
the cyber security industry have been watching apprehensively to understand the potential fallout from the SolarWinds supply chain attack and the FireEye attack in Q4 of last year.
However, in adversity comes opportunities and in this case the supply chain has found itself well and truly in the spotlight, and not a moment too late. 2020 certainly highlighted the impact that successful attacks against a supply chain can have, enabling threat actors to access otherwise seemingly secure networks through a lengthy process of down/upstream compromise from the weakest link, then conducting lateral movement and proliferation through multiple networks until the intended target is reached. Whilst this seems a lengthy process, it is clearly effective…. ‘

Spanning across industries the Telesoft Quarterly Threat Report looks at a wide range of threats including:
Advanced Persistent Threats
Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities
Fileless Malware

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