The MPAC 3250 is an optical STM-1 low profile PCIe card designed to be deployed in COTS servers to consolidate existing rack space. In a 1U chassis it provides the means to deliver STM-1 with demultiplexing capability down to individual E1/T1 or timeslot level, if required.

The MPAC 3250 has STM-1 fibre connectivity together with two E1/T1 interfaces and a Gigabit Ethernet interface for converged IP networks providing feature support for signalling, media and monitoring applications as shown on the reverse. It supports both low and high speed links (HDLC) and RTP or CESoPSN streaming to external applications. Provinding a solution for media processing and monitoring applications that require a cost effective, powerful and compact platform.

The MPAC 3250 is a platform to build telephony applications based on Fixed, Mobile and IP Network protocols and is supported by Telesoft's standards compliant TDAPI protocol stack software that covers a range of SS7, ISDN and IP telephony APIs (as detailed on the reverse). The MPAC 3250 PCIe is suitable for system integrators, OEMs, TEMs and application developers.

Key Features

1 x 1310nm optical STM-1

Signalling and media on the same card

2 x E1/T1 and 1 x Gb Ethernet

Very high signalling link density

Up to 86 low speed links (56Kbs/64Kbs)

Supports all TDAPI software APIs

Signalling protocol support: MTP, ISUP, ISDN, TCAP, SCCP, MAP, INAP, WIN, CAP /CAMEL, SIGTRAN, and SMS APIs

Media feature support: DTMF, switching TDM andIP, conferencing and file play/record

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